Yoga Teachers Diploma  
Yoga Teachers Training Diploma Course:
A Flagship activity of the Institute for the last 22 years!
Catering to the needs of the time to provide well qualified, confident Yoga Teachers to increasing demand from the society – post International Yoga Day
Opportunity to develop into a serious Yoga sadhaka and an able Yoga Teacher!
Objective of the course: Study of the practical, theoretical, philosophical, scientific, psychological aspects of Yoga with a focus on teaching and its application.
Qualification: Age 18 years complete, minimum HSC pass, interest in Yoga
Period: From July 2016 to June 2017, conducted in two terms (inclusive of internship field experience)
  • Regular Course (Mon to Sat 6 to 7.30 am)
  • Week end Course (Sat 6 to 9, Sun 6.30 to 10.30 am) Medium of Instruction: Predominantly Marathi for the above
  • Fees inclusive of course material, books, kitbag, Towel, napkin & exams fees
  • Course Structure: A team of dedicated, experienced Yoga teachers is assigned for the course. Individual attention is provided by dividing the trainees into smaller groups and assigning a teacher for them. All the teachers work without any remuneration for the institute.
  • A typical class consists of Trataka, Loosening practices, Surya namaskaras, Asanas, Breathing practices, Pranyama and Shavasana (Yogic relaxation). All these are thoroughly taught and demonstrated.
  • Presentations of about 45 minutes to one hour, 2-3 per week are given by specialists in the subjects. All the subjects are thoroughly taught and revised. Some special sessions on Cleansing practices (Shuddhikriya) and some special
  • A complete training about the teaching of Yoga practices is given in the form of lectures, lesson plan and practical field experience of conducting Yoga classes under supervision
  • Self study in the form of Project report and assignments writing under guidance by experienced teachers
  A person is transformed into a Yoga teacher when the results are declared in the second week of June.

A detailed syllabus and information can be downloaded.
  • A Comprehensive Course for teaching Yoga.
  • Duration of the course is one year conducted in two terms.
  • A Diploma Certificate will be issued to those who successfully complete the course.
  • One will become a qualified Yoga Teacher after successful completion of the course, but will not be qualified to work as Yoga Therapist.
  • Total duration: 16th July 2016 to 10th June 2017. (Including practical experience)


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